Jeremy (zodarzone) wrote in transformernerd,

Transformernerds, combine!

Hey, nerds, don't let this place die out, proclaim your Transformer nerdity out loud and proud.

I'm going to do so by showing off some recent acquisitions.
the entire lot
(Image best viewed in the large size)
This batch is mostly missing their accessories, though some are in fairly good shape, and some are fantastic like Springer and Ratbat. Some aren't, though. Swoop is missing an arm, but, bright-side! - I've got another Swoop who is missing his dino-head so I'm just going to swap some parts. And I've got my own versions of many of these guys from my childhood so I can use the accessories from them.

Now check this bastich out -
Vintage Megatron
That's right, original Megs, in fairly solid shape, only missing that crappy-ass silver gun.

With Megs, I'm now only missing Starscream and Rumble to have a complete set of original first series Decepticons - no re-realeases. And that's even if you count the Constructicons and Insecticons in the first series.
(I do have a the Gen 2 version of Starscream and a Japanese re-release of the Gen 1 version. I'd like to get another Laserbeak because the one I have is pretty beat up.)

On the Autobot side, I'm now only missing Wheeljack and Windcharger to have a full set of first-series Autobots. (That is, unfortunately, including a number of the Toys-R-Us re-releases in the mix.)
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That's an amazing lot you have there! The oldest figure I have is a G2 Grimlock, and his dinosaur head fell off. . .

As transformers fans, I sometimes feel that it is our duty to revive the economy, but then I realize that I don't have disposable income =(.