Captain Crumpets (almightysocks) wrote in transformernerd,
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Hiya, Newb here XD

Yeah, I'm kinda new to the Transformers fandom, at just 15 I'm a baby compared to alot of you guys no doubt. BUT I come bearing some fanart to introduce myself. :3

Recently read Spotlight Mirage, which I loved coz Mirage is my favourite Transformer... So I drew Mirage IDW-verse style! What you guys think :)
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I like it!
Thankyou :D
Hello and welcome. You make me feel like an old fart - 27 - and a fan of Transformers since I was about 4 (i.e. about when they came out) Ive still got a lot of hte Gen 1 comics from the 1980s.
Now I feel more like a baby XD. I have a few old comics from the 80s coz the comic shop near me sells em cheap. :D
Coool. If you can get of hte UK editions, let me know. Ive a few gaps in my collection :-)

The Uk ones were so much better than the I think 10000%
thanks :)