Tekyu (tekyuinajar) wrote in transformernerd,

Transformers: The Movie 2007 Leaked pics?

A number of pictures have beens sprouting up like wildfire and debate has sprung up just as swiftly regarding the alleged appearances of our favorite Robots in Disguise in the upcoming Michael Bay film, Transformers.

In order to avoid spoilers, I'm providing an LJ cut.

More below the cut.

The big guy himself! Optimus Prime in all of his skeletal, flame-job having glory.

The most recent discovery is official image of this character whose ACTUAL name is still in question in spite of the name listed. This is possibly the best example of the direction Bay and company are taking with the film since the Decepticons appear beastly and terrifying and our saviors thus far appear skeletal and underarmed.

Looks like this is his toy counterpart. Check the addy listed across the image for more.

Scorponok! In his most likely alt mode. :)

THIS is Starscream in toy form. Supposedly this is confirmed, but since the image is handy I thought I'd throw it out there.

This looks like the Bumblebee image that's been on and off websites except his face is very robotic as opposed to the other image that popped us showing Bumblebee with a more human face.

Pictures say a lot. What are these saying to you?
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