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Transformer Nerds - The Cybertronian Geekopolis
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Welcome to transformernerd, a place of much Transformers related jubilation. ^_^ Dance a little dance, sing a little song and post it up in regards to Transformers. However, we're a little more open minded here and realize that despite the fact that TF is the unquestioned GOD OF TRANSFORMING ROBOT FRANCHISES... there's an arseload of 'em in the east! It's highly recommended that one dabble in the love of things like Machine Robo, Yuusha Braves, Gao Gai Gar, Macross and the like and talk of such things is VERY encouraged to our members. Exposure to other brands stimulates interest in differences and allows contrast with the comparatively less exposed competition. Besides, transforming robots totally rock. :)
Debate is expected so please ramble on, but if keep it within the boundries of good taste and GOOD MANNERS. Don't diss fellow TFans and I swear to Primus that the any person that comes in here spouting "Hasblo" and looking to ignite flames will have their sorry arse banned. Keep it clean, keep it on the topic of our beloved big robots - PREFERABLY big transforming robots - and let's get the discussion flowin'. I like Gundam as much as the next anime/robot freak, but there's PLENTY of other places for that.
Pictures, reviews, fanfics, thoughts, questions, problems, kitbashes, what the heck ever! Bring it on!

You mod for this forum of robotish-changish type banter is the effervescent tekyuinajar

Awesome sig by Wing Zero Kai of TFans.com, or on livejournal as tfd_wing_zero. Probably the only Englishman I'd seriously considering giving a full on kiss on the lips. ~_^ Zero, you light my fire. Rowr.